Taurus Sun

Close relationships and long-term partnerships mean more to me than the average person. When I love, I love hard, and chances are I'm not letting you go any time soon.

Aquarius Moon

I'm a people person, and the chances of me striking up a conversation with a stranger is high. "It's cool to be kind," is one of my life mottos.

Scorpio Rising

I'm passionate, tenaciously driven, and quick on my toes. It's a presence, I know, and one that has lead me into a few fanatical situations (no regrets).

My Why

You know those special moments you didn't even know were a moment until the time has passed you? I'm obsessed with those. My mom used to have a basket of photos I loved going through as I was growing up. She documented every single moment for our family. The older I got, and the more people I interacted with, I came to realize the amount of photos she took was far from normal... in the best way possible.

Nostalgia, family, love, connection. If I had to describe that photo basket, those are the words I would use. And when you hire me, my goal is to seek out all of that. I want you to be able to hold these moments close to your heart, forever.

I would love to connect with you. Ask me your questions, tell me about the things you love most in life, and let's capture your life.

Kind Words

Kind Words

Kim & Liam

Kim & Liam

Chelsea's real talent is capturing the natural moments and turning them into something beautiful, with grace and reverence. In all of the chaos that comes with a wedding day, she managed to capture the raw emotion of our day and not once did we worry she would miss anything.